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Frequently asked questions.

How long are appointment times?

Initial appointments are 40 minutes, with subsequent appointments 20 minutes.  Extended consultations are provided for complex conditions.

Does Northcare provide physio treatment for motor vehicle, WorkCover and EPC claims?

Yes, however, a referral is required from a general practitioner prior to treatment being provided.

Do I need a referral?

Private clients do not need a referral, however treatment for WorkCover, motor vehicle accident claims, Veterans Affairs and EPC (Enhanced Primary Care) plans do require a referral.

When should I pay for my treatment?

Payment is required from private patients on the day of service with their private health fund card. We have HICAPS facilities at all clinics.

Can physiotherapists provide referrals for x-rays?

Yes, but not for all parts of the body such as spinal injuries. Referrals in these cases must be provided by a general practitioner.

Can a physiotherapist provide a sick certificate?

Yes, but only for symptoms related to our field of expertise, such as musculoskeletal injuries.

How much is the gap?

The gap payment varies depending on your private health cover. Please discuss this with the physiotherapist at your initial assessment.

Does Northcare offer concession prices?

Pensioner discounts can be discussed with the physiotherapist.

How many treatments will I need?

This can be discussed with the physiotherapist at the initial assessment where the patient will also be provided with self-management strategies.

Is hydrotherapy supervised by a physiotherapist?

Yes, a physiotherapist supervises all hydrotherapy sessions.  The physiotherapist is in the water with you to guide and assist your exercise program.

How deep is the pool at Salisbury Plain?

The pool at our Salisbury Plain clinic is 9m long x 4 metres wide and 3 foot at the shallow end, grading to 4 foot at the deepest.

Do you have childcare facilities?


Can Northcare provide or arrange provision of medical aids suited to assist with rehabilitation?

We have an extensive supply of rehabilitative aids including braces, splints and fit balls.

Do any of your physiotherapists specialise in dealing with children?

Adolescent musculoskeletal injuries are treated, but we refer pediatric conditions elsewhere.

Do your Exercise Physiologists provide treatment under a care plan?

Yes, when you make the appointment please advise our receptionist to book it under a care plan.

Do your massage therapists offer lymphatic drainage?

Yes, when you make the appointment please ask the receptionist for a qualified therapist.

Can you arrange provision of a TENS unit?

Yes, presently there is a $50 per month hire fee, or a charge of $150 to buy the unit outright.

Can I do Physio Exercise Classes at Northcare?

Yes, an initial appointment requiring a Real Time Ultrasound is performed by a physiotherapist to ensure the correct grasp of core exercises is understood. You would then be referred to Physio Exercise Classes.

How many people are in a Physio Exercise Class?

There are 5 – 6 people per class, each with supervised, individual programs.

Does Veteran Affairs cover massage treatment?