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Pilates and Private Health Insurance – Changes April 2019

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Last year the federal government made the decision to make certain natural therapies ineligible for private health insurance rebates, coming into effect on 1 April 2019. Included in this banner is Pilates.

Physiotherapy practice is recognised by all parties as high-value, evidence-based care and should be underpinned by individualised assessment, treatment and follow up, and backed by thorough notes. The Department of Health has accepted that an insurer may lawfully pay benefits if a physiotherapist provides services to a patient within the accepted scope of clinical practice, and uses exercises or techniques drawn from Pilates as part of that patient’s treatment.

How will this affect you?

  • these changes do not apply to clients who are undertaking Pilates classes under worker’s compensation or third party MVA claims
  • clients who are not claiming rebates from a health insurance fund are unaffected by the changes
  • clients who claim a rebate from a health insurance fund for their Pilates exercise class, there will be subtle changes in the way your class is delivered, including a change in name as we can no longer use the term Pilates Class
  • From 1 April 2019, classes will be referred to as Physio Exercise Classes and will still be claimable from your private health fund using the billing code T560.

  • The Clinical Pilates principles of engaging the core and stabilising muscles, maintaining good posture, exercising with controlled precision and concentration on quality movement, from the physiotherapy gold standard of all modern exercise rehabilitation programs.

    Despite the class change of name, these principles will continue to be applied to your exercise sessions which are individualised to match your rehabilitation needs and goals. The classes will continue to incorporate Pilates equipment as well as gym balls and mat exercises. Review of your progress will continue to be monitored and recorded, and your program advanced as you improve. If you have been undertaking Pilates classes in the past as a maintenance strategy for your chronic musculoskeletal condition, we will continue to monitor your program and its effectiveness.

    Should you require any further information about these changes, please contact us.