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Ante Natal Health

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Ante natal health – practical help for new mums.

Pregnancy can have a profound and lasting effect on your body, with many women experiencing physical discomfort at differing stages of their pregnancy. Change to muscles, ligaments and joints during and after pregnancy affect the whole body. Our physiotherapists trained in ante natal health help women manage these changes, providing expert care and advice during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

Our physiotherapists conduct sessions where clinical pilates and yoga principles are used to incorporate strengthening, stabilising and flexibility work. Ante natal pool sessions are held in the evenings at our Salisbury Plain clinic run by our specialist ante natal physiotherapist.

Our physiotherapists can also assist with neck, back and pelvic pain during ante natal and post natal through hands on therapy, exercise, taping, or external supports such as bracing. Our physiotherapists will liaise with your treating doctor and obstetrician regarding peri-natal injury management.