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Headache Treatment

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Headache treatment – enjoy the simple things in life.

Using specific techniques, our specially trained physiotherapists are able to provide headache treatment clearing them or reducing their intensity and frequency.

Headaches can be one of the most debilitating conditions for those who suffer from them and can prevent enjoyment of even the simple things in life.

Research has shown headaches are often related to problems in the upper neck. Neck dysfunction can trigger some headaches, including migraine and tension headaches, and contribute to the frequency and intensity of others.

In the early 1980’s, based on headache treatment by physiotherapist Geoff Maitland, researchers Nic Bogduk, Gwen JulI and others were able to prove a relationship between the joints of the upper neck and symptoms frequently reported by headache sufferers.

Headaches, including migraine, can have as contributors, structures inside your skull, chemical influences on your brain and dysfunction of your upper neck. All of these may be present with your headache.

Research has clearly established neck related headaches (cervicogenic) are as common as migraine and tension headaches, and often accompany these headaches.

Our physiotherapists use manual therapy techniques including sustained pressure and stretching to the specific upper neck joints and associated muscles which they identify during assessment as related to your headache.

In an initial assessment (approximately 30 minutes), your physiotherapist will assess your headache with a series of examination techniques, often temporarily reproducing some of the symptoms associated with your headache, to determine the point of origin and prove a definite link between your neck and headache.

Usually about six treatments will clear or significantly reduce your headache.

We understand there are other causes for headache and we will work in association with your doctor, who is skilled in dealing with these other causes.