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Hydrotherapy – water therapy for rehabilitation.

Hydrotherapy is a form of exercise or water therapy that can be used as a form of rehabilitation to aid joint range of motion, strengthen muscles, and ease aches and pains, either acute or chronic.

The aim of hydrotherapy is:

  • management of muscle and joint pain
  • movement and postural re-training
  • relief of tension and fatigue
  • injury rehabilitation and safe return to exercise
  • specific rehabilitation for surgery, trauma, sports and dance injuries
  • conditioning, cross-training and technique modification for sports and dance
  • osteoporosis and arthritis management
  • ante and post natal fitness

Northcare Physio’s Salisbury Plain clinic has its own purpose built hydrotherapy pool. Maintained at a soothing 32° celsius, the pool is ideal for the rehabilitation of injuries.

Our physiotherapists based at other clinics conduct hydrotherapy sessions at nearby pools.

Hydrotherapy management may include musculoskeletal, neurological conditions, compensable and private claims.

Our highly qualified physiotherapists are in the water with you, directing your individually specific exercise program designed for your condition ensuring that you progress through your rehabilitation appropriately as planned.

Our physiotherapists utilise up to date techniques and manual skills, and regularly reassess your progress.

External referrals from other physiotherapy clinics for hydrotherapy at our onsite pool at Salisbury Plain, SA are also welcome.  We work closely and collaboratively with your physiotherapist to provide the best of care to everyone.