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Physio Exercise Classes

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Physio Exercise Classes – a core strength of rehabilitation.

Physio Exercise Classes are designed by our physiotherapists for your specific needs, and usually include exercises from most forms of contemporary core muscle retraining. The program which incorporates Clinical Pilates principles will improve spinal stability, flexibility, balance and control.

Close supervision by our trained physiotherapists is necessary to prescribe the appropriate exercises for each client. We are able to provide both individual and group sessions. Real time ultrasound assessment and training is available to help you learn correct abdominal and spinal muscle control and function.

The emphasis of these exercises is not high repetition, but fewer more precise movements, requiring proper control and form. The exercises require a great deal of focus and concentration on stabilising the spine whilst performing whole body movements.

This concentrated control not only works the muscles appropriately, but also reinforces the correct neurological pathway for well-coordinated movement. Research on the importance of core stability and appropriate muscle strengthening is incorporated in our Physio Exercise Classes, and works the body in a way best suited for prevention and rehabilitation of back injury, along with its accepted general fitness benefits