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Physiotherapy treatment – you’re in good hands.

Northcare Physio has highly skilled physiotherapists who specialise in a broad range of treatment services. A number of our physiotherapists have post graduate qualifications and special interests in a wide range of physiotherapy services.

Our physiotherapists are supported by a team of enthusiastic staff and qualified exercise physiologists and remedial massage therapists. Our philosophy is to provide a high quality physiotherapy service, with adequate time to ensure effective treatment.

Self management strategies (including home exercises) form an important part of patient education and best management practice. Appropriate information sheets are provided to patients.

Northcare physiotherapy treatment includes:

Compensable injuries

After being reviewed by your general practitioner and given a referral, you can call for an appointment at any of our clinics for treatment of your compensable injury.  We will then liaise with your general practitioner, case manager or rehabilitation consultant to achieve the best outcome given your situation.

We encourage active rehabilitation for all clients, and follow cutting edge science and best practice to achieve the best outcome. Our extended opening hours mean injured workers can attend for treatment at a suitable time for both themselves and their employer.

Our physiotherapists can also help in supplying braces to suit most conditions, for a more effective return to work.

Sports injuries

We provide physiotherapy treatment for sports injuries that get you back to fitness.

Early intervention, advice on returning to sport and an extensive stock of braces, supports and tape ensure effective and timely treatment.
A number of our physiotherapists have post graduate qualifications in sports and manipulative therapy, as well as considerable personal experience in many different sports.

Our physiotherapists have had involvement in local sporting clubs, State and State of Origin football teams, the South Australian Redbacks Cricket team and the South Australian Scorpions Women’s Cricket team, as well as being selected as physiotherapists for the Sydney Olympics held in 2000.

Hospital in-patient physiotherapy services

Northcare Physio currently provides physiotherapy services for the Central Districts Private Hospital, Elizabeth.

Orthopaedic and musculoskeletal injuries

Northcare Physio takes a hands-on approach to managing musculoskeletal injuries and providing patients with information and home exercises, with the aim of optimising recovery.

Vestibular disorders & rehabilitation

Dizziness is a common complaint, and can be both disabling and incapacitating. Aging increases the risk of developing any of several conditions that may cause dizziness.

The treatment of dizziness depends on the cause and your symptoms.  Keeping your sense of balance depends on your brain processing a variety of information from your eyes, your nervous system and your inner ears. If your brain is not processing the signals properly, or if your sensory systems are not functioning correctly, you may experience dizziness and loss of balance.

Vertigo is a hallucination of movement or spinning, the most common symptoms of dizziness. Certain movements may provoke the spinning. Sometimes vertigo is severe enough to cause nausea or vomiting.

Physiotherapists at Northcare Physio who are trained in vestibular rehabilitation base the treatment of dizziness on the cause and your symptoms. This often involves balance exercises and visual retraining exercises using head and neck movement. Your physiotherapist will develop an individualised treatment plan, including a home exercise program.

Enhanced primary care (EPC) clients

In recent years, the Federal Government initiated the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plan which is funded by Medicare.  People who satisfy the criteria for “chronic pain” are entitled to up to five (5) treatments per calendar year from Allied Health providers.

Speak to your doctor for further information if you think you may be eligible.